• Bespoke Leadership Programmes
  • 1:1 Development & Coaching
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • ILM Accredited Programmes
  • Team Diagnostics
  • Change Programmes
  • Team Development Workshops
  • Coaching Qualifications

Individual Development

We provide bespoke development programmes or individual workshops and can also provide ILM accredited programmes. We are experienced coaches with a track record of success in coaching & mentoring leaders at all levels. We also run development programmes that help leaders to develop their own coaching skills. Our programmes include a variety of development approaches with an emphasis on experiential learning. They can include diagnostics such as MBTI® or SDI®, workshops, taught sessions, action learning or a new, accelerated skill development process called Deep Practice.

Team Development

We work with many teams of leaders, from boards of directors to operational leaders, to help them to develop from a group of individuals to a high performing team. Again, our emphasis is on learning by doing rather than the theoretical. After all, much of teamwork is simple to define but hard to implement

 “If-development facilitated the Welsh Athletics team’s preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  The athletics team was a mix of experienced athletes and staff together with those who were attending their very first international Games.  Bringing all of the team members closer together and allowing them to understand one another better, build relationships and feel more connected, was a critical part of the team’s preparations.  The Games themselves presented a number of unique challenges for the Welsh Athletics team – many of which could not have been predicted – and the work we had done with If-development certainly enabled us to deal with those challenges more effectively.  I would like to thank Mike and Dean for all their help and support for Welsh team in 2014”
Scott Simpson – Head of Coaching and Performance for Welsh Athletics.

Organisation Development

We work with senior and middle manager teams to help them to develop their vision, strategy and plans. We facilitate workshops to help leaders to improve the performance of their organisation or to tackle major change or culture programmes. We also facilitate service reviews between organisations and their clients or suppliers.

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