The Customer Service guru, Geoff Burch, said that choosing a consultant is like hiring a gunslinger. The haggard guy with the well-worn face, who has survived the ups and downs of the ‘shoot-outs’ of life is the one who is going to be of most use.

We like this analogy. We have led organisations. We have been through the highs and lows of leadership. We carry the scars of mistakes we have learned from. We will bring this real world experience to support you. We also understand how difficult it can be to juggle the pressures of today with the need to shape tomorrow’s future. We know you need quick wins and long term benefits. We will work hard to help you deliver both.

At if-development we have always been passionate about helping others to grow. We discovered this about ourselves whilst leading organisations in both public and private sectors. Our common approach to leadership and passion for learning brought us together a number of years ago. Then, in 2003, we decided to quit our jobs as managers and formed if-development.

Since then we have been delighted (and a little surprised!) by how our business has grown. What we do clearly strikes a chord with great organisations, big and small.

“if-development has provided a great deal of support to the Creditsafe business over a near 10 year period. From working with junior management, to supporting senior level development and executive coaching for the companies directorship and C suite. The IF team have the enviable ability of ‘pitching’ their presentation and activity at exactly the right level for the event participants. Flexible to the needs and demands of the customer they are simply incredible at ‘what they do.’ Their collaborative approach also facilitates the right amount of challenge to ensure that those lucky enough to benefit from their delivery are stretched to a higher level of development. Working with the team has always been a pleasure and long may it continue.”
Gareth Way, Chief HR Officer at the Creditsafe Group 

Our Philosophy

We don’t have a single methodology or model to try to sell to you. We believe this doesn’t work; every organisation and person is different. But we do have a philosophy that underpins whatever we do:

  • Your success is our success. We are totally committed to the partnership ethos. We want to help you create the stars of your future. Hence we are completely flexible – if you want to change something, now or later, just shout.
  • Live it – Don’t just read about it. We believe passionately that people learn through experience. Hence at the core of every workshop or development session there will be lots of practical activity.
  • Fun ! Your people will enjoy working with us. We will have fun too. We’ll all learn more as a result.

If you want an off the peg solution, we’re not the best people to work with. If you need experienced, flexible support that can adapt to your needs, we’d love to chat to you to see if we can be of help.

‘Zodiac Seats UK have been working with If Development for a number of years. Mike and Dean are business coaches that offer bespoke solutions to fit the organisation culture and the delivery style of learning is both pragmatic and impactive. Mike and Dean both have sound industry knowledge that comes through in the application of their leadership coaching. They have been delivering ILM Development programs to our management community and feedback from all managers is extremely positive. They have formed a strong partnership with Zodiac and we are looking forward to continuing our learning experience with them. ‘
Sian Williams, HR Director for Zodiac Seats UK

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